Fall Day Camp - Full Day

Fall Day Camp - Full Day

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We are so thrilled to host your Curious Kids (4-10 years old) this fall at Camp Curio!

Our fall session will run every Tuesday from 9:30am - 3:30pm 

Our space is organized into a handful of exploration ‘hubs’, each with a curated collection of exhibits, toys and resources designed to inspire creative development and child led play.

Our weekly programming will have an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math based activities that promote inquiry based learning while providing children the opportunity for creativity, innovation and critical thinking.

Our learning philosophy is driven by the following 4 pillars:


Play is at the heart of everything we do. Children are given the time and space to benefit from unstructured free play. Explore, Imagine, Collaborate, Wonder, Believe. A time for children to take already acquired skills to a new level giving them a more complex understanding of the world around them. 


Intentional learning allows children to benefit from goal setting and thoughtful execution. Adults combine the learning philosophies within our curriculum to mold a path for each participant


Playful experimentation allows children to explore the worlds around them. When children learn by doing, they build a strong understanding of concepts associated with their every day lives. Hands on exploration and learning leads to a deeper connection to materials and subjects

Child Led

An environment that allows children to take charge of their learning by exploring topics and activities that are meaningful to them. Camp leaders play an important role in child-led learning by asking provocative questions, making suggestions or setting up appropriate learning environments.

Following your purchase, we will email you a child intake for to gather all of the details we will need to ensure your kiddo has a great time at camp!